Before & After

When we are invited into a new customer’s broadcast home, we are excited for the opportunity to make their workday better.

We solve problems for our customers.

Here’s an example of an equipment rack, before we started to install a new Skylla Automation System:


Here’s a picture of that same rack, after our installation was complete:


It’s quite simple: We solve problems for our customers!

About Henry Mowry

Henry grew up listening to the World's Happiest Broadcasters on WHB/Kansas City. He found his way to Los Angeles, where he did radio promotions for Six Flags Magic Mountain. From there, he had a 22-year run with Radio & Records, doing everything from national radio buys to regional night club promotions to eventually becoming Director of Sales for R&R. After a couple of years working with, he became Director of Marketing for Smarts Broadcast Systems.
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