Radio’s evolution has been powered by technology. Computer control systems allow broadcasters to profitably serve their communities like never before. Remotes and sporting events produce local revenue like never before. Voice tracking has become the best way to deliver big voices to multiple markets and still sound “almost live.” Multi-city, multi-station groups require a unified system to maximize flexibility and efficiency. Skylla will handle these issues, and more, flawlessly.

The Skylla system has an easy to understand “live screen” that is so intuitive your operators will be using it within minutes. The main screen shows the program log. You may drag-and-drop program content from an inventory window onto any point of the log either at the present time or in any future time. The operator is just one click away from customized buttons that work like cart machines, playing whatever is loaded in that button every time you press it. To make it easy, each button is assigned a key on the computer keyboard.

To quickly and easily play audio from the hard drive, or even an external audio source, simply click the proper button. Skylla allows for hundreds of buttons that may be categorized any way you like, by program, by operator, etc. The operator may also record program content from the telephone, satellite, or any other program source directly to any button for later air play.

Skylla uses the Linux operating system, allowing it to be 100% dedicated to reliable audio playback. By avoiding the Windows operating system, we avoid the constant updates, viruses and diluted resources that plague too many broadcasters.

The Skylla Producer is the only element of the Skylla program to run under Windows. This allows software, which includes a comprehensive voice track recorder, to operate on Windows-based desktops and laptops. Your air talent can voice track their air shifts from home if they can’t get to the station. In addition, the Skylla Producer is a complete production unit for spots, jingles, and other standard production items.

Skylla allows stations to do remote broadcasts without a studio operator. Professional football, basketball or baseball games that are satellite fed may be put to the air automatically. Likewise, using the optional SmartTouch, stations can air high school and other local events, using any standard remote gear or a touch tone phone – even a cell phone.