Skylla: Hardware and Software

Skylla’s hardware is rugged. There is one Skylla server for the entire site. The server houses all the audio in a central location on a RAID1 (disk-mirrored) system. If a data drive fails, the server continues on (usually) without any disruption to the on-air operators. In the event of such a failure, an e-mail is sent to us and (optionally) to you and the server sounds an alarm via the server’s speaker.

For each station/signal a “Skyllette” is assigned. This is the audio appliance (and usually the closure-detection appliance as well).

Should an Operations drive on any Skyllette fail, an off-line spare hard drive is provided. This “spare tire” allows the system to boot and grants remote access via Internet to Smarts Broadcast Systems’ support technicians, who can then update software and return your station to normal operation while a new drive is prepared and sent.

Should the server fail entirely (say in a lightning strike), each Skyllette contains yet another backup of all audio and database information. Smarts support personal via the internet can make any Skyllette perform “double duty” and act as server until the real server is repaired or replaced.

Optionally, you can set up an off-site backup server for Skylla database and audio duplication. In the event of a major catastrophe at the station, your audio files, Skylla database and even your traffic and billing data can be kept updated and backed up off-site.

While we make every effort to design a system that will not fail easily, we’re experienced enough to know that eventually any system will fail. We’ve designed our products to smoothly handle that eventuality with as little disruption to your operations as possible.

Skylla Producer
Supporting Skylla is Skylla Producer, a Windows-based utility suite that allows the user to control inventory, import and categorize inventory, record new inventory and Voice Track logs. You can also use Skylla Producer’s “Segmenter” feature to insert breaks into program-length audio, and to trim away unwanted audio. Have more than one location? Skylla Producer allows for remote Internet transfer of audio data from two or more remote locations (who also have Skylla systems).

Linux Operating System
Skylla runs in the Linux operating system, which gives you several advantages:

  • Linux allows greater access to those you want to control your system, and better security to keep out those whom you do not.
  • Keeping “mission critical” applications in Linux will protect against most viruses.
  • Linux allows us to carefully craft and control operating system updates so that there will be no surprise updates that will take your station off line.

While Linux is the perfect solution for our heavy-duty audio appliances, we believe that most production rooms are already equipped with Windows computers that run well-used, favorite digital editors. Once again, Skylla’s philosophy is to “adapt and adopt”. You can keep your existing favorite Windows-based editor because Skylla Producer runs in Windows and communicates with Skylla’s database via the LAN network.