Skylla: How It Works

How Skylla Works
Skylla was designed to handle the complex integration of both satellite and audio on hard drive automation. One method is not favored over another … each method is given the appropriate level of live control. Skylla was designed to ease your transition from your older technology into Skylla’s next generation system – to “adapt” and “adopt”.

Skylla does all this from within one easy-to-understand interface that allows for drag-and-drop insertions, log editing and “hot button” playback. Quickly sort and search the audio database for cuts to drag on to the log or a button. The entire inventory is only one click away.

Skylla is programmed via a web-based interface program that is designed to pull information from your traffic log, your music log … and merge that information with Skylla’s own contribution to the logs. Skylla is easily customized to work with any of the major traffic or music scheduling programs.

Skylla adopts most legacy automation systems’ audio formats including WAVE/PCM, MPEG Layer 2, MPEG Layer 3 and APT-X. Usually, there is no need to re-record your audio files when upgrading to Skylla.  Cart numbering is also designed to work with your current system:  Skylla supports up to 16 alpha-numeric characters in its cart numbering scheme, so you’ll almost certainly be able to keep your existing audio library system.