Unattended Worldwide FTP Audio Capture System from Smarts Broadcast Systems

Use it for automated weather forecasts, automated news feeds, automated make goods and much more!

More and more program providers are transmitting their programming digitally via the Internet. Now Smarts Broadcast Systems introduces the SmartWeb, a fully automated software system that can log onto FTP sites of program providers, download specified programs and either present them to the station as Mpeg audio files, or for Smartcaster and Skylla customers, drop them directly into the inventory for play to air. You can think of it as a virtual satellite receiver, without the need of the satellite. Programming simply appears on your hard drive in time for you to play it to air.

There’s no time spent manually downloading programs and dubbing them into the system. Just set the SmartWeb to grab the files you want, and they will be there, week after week. It’s even better than a satellite feed because your audio is right there on your digital system hard drive when you need it.

There are many ways to use the system. For example, satellite stations that miss scheduled national spot feeds no longer need to record the make goods and schedule them. Just set up the SmartWeb to download the make goods directly to the hard drive and schedule them to play when you want them on the air. It’s all automatic. News reporters can feed stories in from laptop computers with full broadcast quality, and have them on the air in minutes. There are literally hundreds of uses for this product in broadcasting.

The SmartWeb is one of the innovative products from Smarts Broadcast Systems, where we are always looking for ways to use technology to improve the broadcast industry. Call us for more information.