Cut Management

SecGen makes managing your inventory of client spots as easy as can be. You can name the cuts as you wish … the only limitation is what your automation system will accept!

Second Generation Cut Editor screenshot

We’ve made custom rotations easy. You only need to do one order, no matter how your spots need to rotate for the client. You can customize the percentage of times each spot runs, designate spots to run only on certain days of the week or during specific times of the day.

You can make spots run in an exact order or randomize the different cuts each day. No problem!

Each cut can be separated from others by four criteria, that you control:

1. How many minutes between any spot from this account
2. How many minutes between any spot in this advertiser’s primary category (such as car dealer)
3. How many minutes between any spot in a designated secondary category (such as car repair)
4. How many minutes between spots voiced by the artist that did this cut.