Order Entry

Second Generation Order Entry - Rotation

Enter orders the way you sell! Our highly adaptable system will help you work the way you sell to your clients – not the other way around! There are multiple ways to enter orders… from rotating sponsorships (we call them wheels), to unlimited, user-definable TAP plans, to dedicated spot positions that only go to designated sponsors.

We’ve even got one-click entry for when you sell multiple sponsors the same package.


Screenshot of Second Generation Order Entry - GridOrders can be entered in a spreadsheet-like format, or through specific dialogues for each kind of spot. Work the way you want to work… our system will help you. You’ll learn the easiest way to enter the kinds of orders you receive, and you’ll soon be saving keystrokes with the keyboard shortcuts we build into the program.

As important as order entry is editing orders already in the system!

You can edit each order down to as granular a level as individual spots if you wish.

Editing an order? No problem – and you don’t have to tell the reps how easy it is if you don’t want to!

Second Generation Order Edit screenshot