Broadcast Radio Traffic Software

traffic advertisers and bill clients

We started writing traffic software before radio knew it needed it! We've been helping clients since 1983, based on our own experiences running radio stations. We use our experience to deliver a system with the tools you need.

  • Order Entry

  • Cut Management

  • Invoices

  • Reports

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Order Entry

  • Enter orders the way you sell! Our highly adaptable system will help you work the way you sell to your clients -- not the other way around! There are multiple ways to enter orders, from rotating sponsorships (we call them wheels), to unlimited, user-definable TAP plans, to dedicated spot positions that only go to designated sponsors.

    Orders can be entered in a spreadsheet-like format, or through specific dialogues for each kind of spot. Entering and editing orders is easy.

Cut Management

  • SecGen makes managing your inventory of client spots as easy as can be. You can name the cuts as you wish. The only limitation is what your automation system will accept!

    • Customize the percentage of times each spot runs.
    • Designate spots to run only on certain days of the week or during specific times of the day.
    • Make spots run in an exact order or randomize the different cuts each day.

Log Generation

  • Logs can be generated in any order; you can trust SecGen to keep track of your calendar! You can save logs, keep future logs from being edited, or write over logs at your option. Logs are generated in the proper format for your automation system.

    You control the structure of each break, and our system is smart enough to understand that a :60 is the same as two :30s, and vice versa. You can do multiple templates for each station’s daily schedule and the special events that you broadcast.


  • We've got 8 styles, 5 filters and 6 modifications built in. That’s 240 different kinds of invoices you can generate! Invoices can be generated for a billing period you specify, for a group of clients or for an individual client. You can include signature lines for your notary and station representative – or not. You are in control!

Financial Reports

  • We make it easy to print your reports the way you need to see them. Many common reports are saved in the system, and you can customize each by column of information that you want to include or exclude.

Example Reports