Automated broadcast radio system

Software and hardware you can rely on

  • Drive profits

    Computer control systems allow you to profitably serve your community.

  • Serve local listeners

    Remotes and sporting events produce local revenue.

  • Voice tracking

    The best way to deliver big voices to multiple markets and still sound live.

  • Unified system

    Flexible and efficient unified system for multi-city, multi-station groups.

a computer monitor with CentOS running the Skylla application

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Anatomy of Skylla

Simple, intuitive layout

screenshot of the Skylla application with zoomed in views of the three main sections: 1. Playing now. 2. On deck. 3. Upcoming.

One rugged server

All audio is housed in a central location. With built-in redundancy, If the one drive fails, the server continues on without disruption. The server will sound an alarm and Smarts technicians are automatically notified.

Our system is designed to be robust and not fail easily. But eventually all systems can fail, which is why our system handles failure with minimal disruption to your operations with up to three tiers of defense:

  1. 1.

    Spare Tire

    An off-line spare hard drive is included. This “spare tire” allows the system to boot and grants remote access via internet to Smarts Broadcast Systems’ support technicians, who can then update software and return your station to normal operation while we prepare and send you a new main drive.

  2. 2.

    On-Site Backup

    Should the server fail entirely (say in a lightning strike), each Skyllette (audio appliance) contains yet another backup of all audio and database information. Smarts support personnel can make any Skyllette perform “double duty” and act as a server until the real server is repaired or replaced.

  3. 3.

    Off-Site Backup

    (Optional) You can set up an off-site backup server for Skylla database and audio duplication. In the event of a major catastrophe at the station, your audio files, Skylla database and even your Smarts SecGen traffic and billing data can be kept updated and backed up off-site.


unattended worldwide FTP audio capture system

    • automated weather forecasts

    • automated news feeds

    • automated make goods

    • and much more

    • Fully Automated

      You can think of it as a virtual satellite receiver, without the need of the satellite. Programming simply appears on your hard drive in time for you to play it to air. There’s no time spent manually downloading programs and dubbing them into the system. Just set SmartWeb to grab the files you want, and they will be there, week after week.

    • Many Uses

      There are many ways to use the system. For example, that weekly news feature can be automatically downloaded and placed into Skylla for later playback. Multi-hour features can be fetched automatically from the provider, saving station staffers valuable time.

      Smartweb can fetch content from shared folders on the Skylla server, making it easier for local content contributors to get material to air.

      Smartweb can also be used to upload material from the Skylla inventory to your web site. This hour's recorded local newscast becomes this hour's podcast, automatically.

Skylla Screenshots

Automated in AutoSegue Mode

Skylla Live Mode

Skylla Using Workspace with the Log

Skylla Find/Replace on Log

Skylla Split View Presentation

Skylla Hot Buttons' Various Presentations

Skylla Catalog of Inventory

Skylla Special Events