Small Market Stories

Beth Mann: Super-Serving Main Street

Bill Coleman: Fun People Work In Radio

Bill Willis: Nourish The Dream

Brett Paradis: Why Not?

Brian Papstein: Mover of Mountains

Bruce Goldsen: Do What’s Right

Bud Walters: Small Towns, Big Difference

Carl Wilson: Every Day Is Public Service

Craig Donnelly: I’m A Numbers Guy

Craig Eckert: Why Don’t You Buy It?

David Fuhler: It’s Always A Challenge

Dawn Konold: It’s A Family Here

Dick Gleason: I’m A Paid Listener

Gary Exline: This Is Not Easy

Greg Pyron: It’s Exciting Today

Henry Royse: I Still Have Mom’s Desk

Jeff Robinson: No Simulcasts

Jim Birkemeyer: Work Hard, Play Hard

Jimmy Sledge: It’s About Trust

Joe Jindra: Be A Cheerleader

Joe Kenney: It’s A Lifestyle

Joel Swanson: Small Market Guy

John Kennedy: Radio’s Still Here

Jon Benfield: Know The Word “Deadline”

Kathy Lepak: I Have Cue Cards

Ken Sutherland: I’m A Radio Guy

Kim Love: I Focus On Sales Growth

Larry Fuss: Having Fun

Laurie Prax: It’s Not Like I’m Rich

Lee Davis: It’s About People

Lindsay Wood Davis: Hyper Local

Mark Jensen: People Are Most Important

Mike Powers: Still Doing It

Paul Tinkle: Half A Day

Paul Wilson: It’s That Major Market Attitude

Randy Lawson: My Hobby Is Working

Ricardo Salazar: Follow Your Dreams

Rick Keefer: It’s To Serve The Public

Roger Gelder: I Was The Shy Kid

Roger Utnehmer: Commitment To Local

Sam Stemm: The Fever Caught Me

Scott Poese: It’s The Listeners’ Station

Steve Newberry: Relationships Are Critical

Suzy Noordyk: It’s Not All Glamour

Wayne Johnson: I’m A Simple Guy