Smarts has two separate and distinct programs to provide protection against equipment failures and to provide an ongoing stream of support to help with routine problems as well as off air emergencies. Both the support and warranty programs are optional and available at additional monthly costs from Smarts.

Routine, daytime support: 8am – 5pm Central, Monday – Friday

Routine, after hours support: Must be scheduled in advance

Emergency off-air support: Available 24/7/365. Call (800) 765-2930

When You Contact Support
Depending on the time of day, two different routines will occur. If the call is during regular office hours, a voice mail computer will intercept the call and ask for a 4 digit code that has been assigned to your account. We strongly suggest that this code number be placed somewhere in your studio where it is available to all operators. Once the code is entered, you will be asked to identify the type of equipment you have, describe the problem and designate it as routine or an emergency.

That call is then routed to our support team, which is located in Emmetsburg, IA; Dallas, TX; Hibbing, MN and Sioux Falls, SD. In the event you have declared an off-air emergency, your call is advanced to the top of the queue and that call will be returned in 5 minutes or less. If you have designated the call as routine, your call will be returned as soon as possible: always the same day and generally within one hour.

What is included under support
Support services are designed to answer questions regarding the programming of Smarts and On Air Digital products, including our digital audio systems (Smartcaster, Skylla and UDS II) our traffic and billing systems, music systems and ancillary programs. However, it is not always possible to draw a definitive line to what your problem might be, and the Smarts support staff is trained to be liberal in making a determination as to what is covered under the support agreements. Nevertheless, there are certain things that are not covered under support, and cannot be supported by the Smarts staff.

Digital paths are supported by Smarts within every unit sold and between any units included in the system. This includes all units sold by Smarts (including digital audio, music, traffic systems, production systems) and any Ethernet switches sold by Smarts that interconnect that equipment. We can’t support your entire network, but we do support every piece of the equipment we have provided to you.

What is not included under support
If you have a digital audio system from Smarts, we will support anything in the system from the point of entry of audio to the point that it exits the system. We will not, however, troubleshoot audio pathways outside of the system, including routing of audio from satellite receivers, audio through the control board, or audio out to the transmitter audio chain. As a general rule, Smarts will be responsible for your audio path from the point the audio enters our switcher to the point that it exits it to either the control board or transmitter.

Digital equipment not supported includes any computers, printers or other items connected to the network that are not part of the system described above. We are also not responsible for any switches or interconnect wiring among or between those computers or accessories.

Special support services
Smarts will provide support for items not normally supported for a fee of 80 dollars per hour, but requests that such support be scheduled in advance so Smarts can be adequately staffed to handle the responsibility.

Limitations on support
Smarts support staff will be extremely liberal in providing support services for the fees listed below. However, those fees are based on a maximum of 3 hours of support services provided each month. In the event that a customer consistently exceeds three hours per month, the customer will be billed $80 per hour for the time spent above 3 hours monthly.