Smarts Broadcast Systems has three different approaches that can be used to install equipment or software purchased from our company.

You do it all!
If you have an engineer or other technician with a strong electronics, audio and computer IT background, then they can install the equipment for you.

We help you!
In many cases, however, we’ve found that the engineer is capable of doing the work but needs some help with the process. Smarts has an intermediate service that offers 10 hours of telephone help, so we can talk your engineer through the installation process.

We do it all!
The highest level of installation service is when Smarts sends a technician to do the actual installation, check out the software, and bring the system on the air. We will require you designate some knowledgeable employee to take charge of your equipment, and that person will need to be present during the installation and training we provide on-site.

Engineering Services
Smarts Broadcast Systems will provide required engineering services for design of a Smarts digital audio, traffic and billing or music catalog system. Those services are provided at no additional charge.

In some cases, customers require on site engineering services that go beyond the installation of Smarts provided equipment. An example is a station that is installing Smarts equipment and a new control board. Smarts Broadcast Systems can provide the required engineering services, but will impose an additional charge. In some cases, Smarts engineers can be made available to stations for on site or telephone services for any broadcast equipment (with the exception of the transmitter). Contact Smarts for more information.